About Us

About Insight

Insight Canadian Business Development is a strategic management and training consultancy agency that provides various professional services and world-class solutions to small and medium-size businesses. Our team will assist you in improving your business performance, leading it to the highest level of transformation, and astonishing results.

We offer top-tier services for all your business needs, and we have the track record that demonstrates our ability to completely revamp any entity, as we provide a huge range of services that would be beneficial to the advancement of any business, refined by the merger between Canadian and Egyptian expertise.

We have been in the field of business development for more than 15 years, through which we have gained a multitude of worldwide relations and partnerships, this has allowed us to acquire a huge depth of knowledge and experience, and help clients transform their businesses fundamentally.

Why us


​​We have a passion for growth and transformation, and it is reflected through our services, as well as internally within our company.


we are an expert group of consultants, and collectively, we have worked on a vast number of projects, which has equipped us with the needed skills to achieve great milestones for each and every client.

Customer centric

we always put our clients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do, we are passionate about excellence, honest with our clients, and ethical in all our business practices.


We help companies reach their fullest potential by providing them with avant-garde services, with the help of our Canadian experts.



Our Values

Excellence: We aspire for excellence in all aspects of our business solutions, in order to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Global: Our consultants have a diverse international background, which has allowed them to deal with many clients and businesses from all over the world, so we have a global way of thinking, but we accommodate it to our local values.

Creativity: Our team inspires, challenges, and helps find innovative solutions and creates opportunities out of obstacles.

Continued Improvement: We always raise the bar when it comes to our services by seeking improvement continually, so we can provide our clients with top-notch services.

Honesty: We are known for candor, authenticity, and transparency.

Accountability: We deliver our very best in all that we do, and we hold ourselves accountable for results.

Punctuality: We respect the value of time and how important it is in business practices.