Educational Consultancy

Insight aids educational institutions to rid themselves of traditional, old methods, and to create new ways of delivering curriculums. We help students, parents, and other beneficiaries with educational planning, serve as advisors for the institution, assess education standards, and help implement changes based on data.

Customized Courses

Our team is a group of well-versed and experienced professionals, who are up to date with the latest practices in the field of education. We are able to design and implement new custom courses that will allow for an enhanced learning experience.

Educational Systems

Insight partners with educational institutions to provide various, unique educational solutions that are designed based on their needs and values.

LEAP Initiative was launched back in 2012, and our main objective for this project is to help shape future generations and leaders. Guided and supervised by educational consultants and university professors, LEAP is a character building program that provides students from grade 1 to 12 an opportunity of ‘experiential learning’ through workshops, sessions and trips, allowing them to explore the world in a controlled environment, and build strong communication and interpersonal skills with their peers. Learn more.